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Advisor Learning and Development

Together, as an organization and its employees, we grow towards the future through continuous digital and physical learning. That all sounds good! But how to make this reality? As a true inspirer, entrepreneur and connector, I dare to take idiosyncratic steps towards an inspiring learning climate in every organization, large or small. Because my heart beats a little faster when we involve employees in their development.

What is my approach? Learning is not a solution, it is an attitude. Creating new habits, inspiring with new interests, surprising with analytics, sharing your story, working with greater efficiency and much more. Do something different tomorrow because of what you discovered today.

Digital Project Lead

Setting up a platform where everything comes together with the right technology, design and content. Quite a job in which you need to love content as well as process. As a Product Owner (PSPO I) I increase the value of the product and the team. Content and process. That is my ultimate challenge; both thinking along with product details and creating a motivated team.

Call me tech-savvy. Because ever since the first platform I worked with, I have a feeling for and interest in technology. Because to get the most out of it, you have to know what is possible. Communication is central to this. With internal or external developers, stakeholders, ambassadors, managers or management. Only together do we develop value.

LMS en Digital Learning Consultant

Developing a digital or physical product that achieves your organizational goal requires a certain practical approach. Developing (digital) content is a profession. How do you write exactly what it is all about in as few words as possible? How do you translate a lot of information into an instructive product that is really useful in daily practice?

For years I have been visiting the liveliest workplaces at various organizations to make this translation. From working under the wings of an airplane, changing rail tracks in the control center to trading on the stock exchange in Amsterdam. I make these places accessible by translating the knowledge of experts into a concrete product that helps (new) colleagues to start or supports them to grow in their role.

Workshop leader

So if we're going to get started, why not have as much fun as possible? In a full room or more one on one; the process should challenge you to get the best out of yourself. Fortunately, there are many inspiring methods for delivering quality, for example through personas, ideation, conceptualisation, impact/effort analysis or mission statement.

Preparing and leading a workshop energizes me. My goal is to challenge colleagues, make them think and surprise them with their insights. This is how we join forces!

Experience and skills

Sitting still is not my thing. I enjoy working on various projects and developing myself.

  • Product Owner

    In 2021 I obtained my Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO I) certificate. An empirical addition to my role in Agile projects.

  • Tools

    For years I have been increasing my experience with various tools such as Lectora, Articulate Storyline, Adapt Learning, Moodle, Wordpress, Adobe XD and Microsoft Office.

  • Education

    In 2013, I graduated with a master in Educational Design and Consultancy, immediately after completing my bachelor's degree in Primary Education.

  • Experience

    From 2017 to 2021 I was a Learning Consultant at Bright Alley, part of Conclusion. Before that I developed blended learning for students and healthcare professionals for Augeo Foundation.

  • Organisations

    For years I have been working with inspiring organizations on training issues, such as at: KLM (Cityhopper), ABN AMRO (MeesPierson), APG, Heineken, NS and Warande.

  • Onboarding

    Most enthusiastic am I about the result of the Onboarding for managers at KLM Ground Services. As a project leader and his team, we developed a platform and various online training courses.

  • Motivation

    Understanding, results and support. In my Management Drives profile, the colors yellow, orange and green are prominent according to this logic.

  • Family van der Vlies

    Proud father of Julian and happy husband of Stefanie. Together we work in our home office in Hooglanderveen, next to Amersfoort.


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